100 Days Of Code
My name is Dan Andersson. I’m a 28 year old software developer. I really like what I do and I really enjoy learning about new techniques when it comes to coding. I learn a lot by going through tutorials and watching video courses. Even though these are great resources I often get the feeling that someone is “holding my hand” and guiding me through each step. Don’t get me wrong – this can be quite nice sometimes. But I feel like the learning experience that you get when you have to struggle on your own is left out.

I’ve also noticed that I often just watch a course or read a tutorial, rather than actually coding. This is not the best approach according to most experienced developers. It’s often said that to become a better developer you should write code every single day. And I know I could learn much more by working on a private project or contribute to open source. But it gets hard to motivate yourself to do that when it so much easier to follow the instructions on a tutorial. Or even just laying back in bed and watch a video course on the new framework that all the cool kids are using.

Looking for motivation
It’s quite clear to me that I need motivation to code more. I need to create a habit to write a lot more code. Alexander Kallaway had similar problems as myself and he decided to create a challenge to tackle these problems. He came up with the 100 days of code challenge, which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a challenge to motivate you to write code for 100 days in a row. Simple, right? But how would that motivate you? Yes, there is a small catch…

To join the challenge, you should publicly announce that you are joining the challenge and report your progress by tweeting. The thought is to make you feel accountable to your commitment.

Take Massive Action
This blog post is my public announcement that I am joining the #100DaysOfCode challenge. By this post I’ve hopefully inspired you to join as well!

If you want to follow my progress check out my private blog at https://chimpiq.com or fork my repo at https://github.com/daon/100-days-of-code. Otherwise I’ll be back in 100 days with thoughts and reflections about my experience.

Happy coding!