Time flies when you’re having fun. I guess some of you heard that one before but it’s a magical feeling when things just happens to turn out right.

I’ve been a part of the recruitment team at One Agency since November and although I’ve known about the gang for a couple of years now, they still manage to surprise me every day. A thought that crossed my mind after only my first week here and what I wanted to tell you all about is that exact thing – the first meeting.

Actually, it’s one of my favorite things in the whole world. The meeting between two (or more) people is a fabulous thing and you never know what may come during and after this encounter. As a recruiter, it’s a part of my job to have a lot of first meetings (kinda awesome) and of course I’m going to tell people about the company that I’m representing with pleasure.

Although I’ve been a recruiter for some years now, it’s always making me nervous to tell somebody about the company that I love and hear what they think about it. In previous jobs it took me a while to get in to the representing part of the recruitment job; I didn’t really know what to say. How do you describe the feeling you get when walking through the door at the company you love? How do you really make somebody feel for something that they’re not a part of (yet)?

Well, in this case some things were already in place. The feeling was already there. I just had to put it down to a good and structured presentation (I thought). Structure has never been my strong side, instead I try to empower myself with the strength of improvisation and a never-ending energy. So what happened? I started out by listening to the other employees talking about One Agency from their point of view, smiled a lot during, took notes (a thing I almost never do), had a meeting with one of our founders and finally wrote down a structured presentation. Then I took the presentation, threw it in the trash and started to introduce One Agency for new people with a voice straight from the heart.

Because I’m so much more than a recruiter; I’m a co-worker, a friend, a lunch buddy and someone you always can ask for help, input or just a friendly chat. And if I did the PowerPoint presentation with the perfect bullets it wouldn’t really represent me at all. After all, I’m a part of One Agency, we are not the same but we are what we call likeminded. So it doesn’t matter if the first encounter is through email, face2face or through the phone – speak what you feel, speak from the heart and be honest with your opinion. That’s how you create value in all your meetings.

And some words on the way, we are all different. If you can be heartwarming but need the security of a PowerPoint presentation – go for it! But if it takes away the sense of improvisation and feeling – don’t! And hey, you know the theory about why we have one mouth and two ears? It’s not wrong to be quiet and listen for a second. Often you’ll learn something new.

That kind of sums up my first 4 months at One Agency. In love, in motion and in a state of continuous learning :-)