John Ching är Dataanalytiker på One Agency


John Ching

Geography / Geolocation:

59°22’07.5″N 17°59’38.1″E

Briefly describe your main area of ​​expertise. What is your strong side and what would you like to improve?

Data analytics in all its forms, but I have a particular interest in graph theory. I’d definitely like to improve my Swedish, not just for professional reasons, but also to be respectful of the culture and country that I’m living it.

Briefly describe what difference/differences you made to the customer/end customer in your most recent assignment? Which industry was this in?

In my most recent assignment for a company in the music industry, I was tasked to improve the statistical analyses that were utilized within the company’s internal experimentation platform, as well as improving experimentation culture within the company. The platform was used throughout the company to conduct A/B experiments to test the impact of changes to existing and/or new products.

By working with various internal stakeholders, from users to advocates, I designed and presented proto-types and helped my team members modify the existing system to implement some of my recommendations. The overall impact was more consistent, reliable and robust figures for decision making.

“I previously backpacked around the world for 2.5 years…”

Let’s get personal! Name three things you think nobody knows about you outside of work?

  1. I taught myself to play the guitar, which helps me relax. Next challenge is to learn to read sheet music
  2. I can communicate orally in Cantonese and Spanish. Swedish is next (I promise)
  3. I previously backpacked around the world for 2.5 years, during which I learned to speak Spanish, sky-dived, climbed more than 6000m above sea-level, helped an orphanage with their solar grid, dined in 2 of the world’s top-50 restaurants, made a lot of new friends, and very briefly discovered myself.